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Dec 27, 2012 9:00am EST
with respect to the fiscal cliff issue in the next few days. we talked earlier when the majority leader was here about the impact of the budget and taxes, senior citizens not being able to see doctors. it is crucial work. and i continue to be part of that optimist caucus here in the senate, believing that we can still find some common ground in these last few days on the fiscal cliff. and avoid going over the fiscal cliff. that is crucial work, mr. president, but striking the right balance between protecting our country and protecting our individual liberties is also important work, and for that reason, i wanted to walk through the history of the fisa amendments act this morning, describe why it was so important particularly for us to get even an accounting -- remember, mr. president, this doesn't disrupt any operations in the intelligence community. this is just an accounting of how many law-abiding americans have had their communications swept up under this law. that work is crucial, too. and for that reason, mr. president, i hope that on a bipartisan basis the amendments will be view
Dec 30, 2012 6:00pm EST
years. so we know what we're dealing with, and i think it affects us right now in the fiscal cliff negotiations because we are not going to do anything unless it is bipartisan. we will not be able to pass anything in the house that doesn't have significant republican votes in the senate, and the democrats in the senate are not going to be able to support something that won't require some votes of democrats in the house. so we are together, maybe it's like a dysfunctional family, but we do have to work together because without bipartisanship, nothing is going anywhere. therefore, i think you have to go back to negotiations 101. which is that someone in a negotiation has to win some and lose some. the other party in a negotiation has to win some and lose some. the president is not going to get everything he wants. the republicans in the house and senate are not going to get everything we want. nor are the democrats in the house and senate. so we have areas where we can come together, and i've seen it. all of us were talking in the last couple of hours about how we have talked to our
Dec 27, 2012 12:00pm EST
known as the fiscal cliff must be fixed within the next five days. thank you, brian, for accepting this challenge. i'm here to help you in any way i can. while there are other talented leaders in hawaii who stepped forward and who would also have been excellent appointees, i know that my colleagues will join me in supporting senator bryan schatz for the good of hawaii. throughout my 36-year career in congress, the hawaii delegation has always been unified. we have always put hawaii first before our individual ambition. we must continue that. hawaii comes first. i have followed brian schatz's career for many years. he was an active member of the hawaii statehouse of representatives for eight years before becoming c.e.o. of helping hands hawaii, a nonprofit organization that provides human services in the islands. as lieutenant governor, he has been a big part of the community. he has been an outspoken supporter of our troops and veterans and defender of our environment. senator schatz will be a strong, progressive voice for hawaii in the united states senate. he will represent freed
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3